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An ideal and affordable CAD/CAM package, born in a machine shop for the job-shop machinist and CAD/CAM programmers.

ACAM - 4 axis Wire EDM Module

An affordable solution for NC programming for wire-cut machining. Integrating the CAD

functionality of AutoCAD and Mechanical desktop, the wire-cut module provides a comprehensive set of functions for Wire EDM.

Easy and Quick to learn *** Powerful to cut

  • 4-axis machining
  • Automatic punch with die grouping
  • Define Pre-drill hole for coreless machining
  • Various types of corner undercut
  • Support rotate and reverse cut for die profile
  • Gear and Rack machining
  • NC read back
  • Etc.

ACAM - 2D and 2.5D Milling Module

A powerful and simple 2D ~ 2.5D CAD/CAM package fully integrated with AutoCAD and mechanical Desktop that requires little programming skills to optimize the productivity of CNC Machine Tools.

ACAM-Milling Module development was focused sharply for production machining, the majority application for most CNC machine tools to produce the highest quality of machining parts using powerful machining strategies thatreduces time and cost by eliminating machine idle time and materials and resources wastage.

  • Pocket of different taper angles with rough and finish machining
  • Automatic generation of center drill, pre-drill and milling holes
  • 2.5D profiling with top and bottom fillets
  • Text engraving on straight line and arc
  • Plunge cut machining with taper
  • Pocket milling with islands of different levels, etc

With the familiar AutoCAD and Mechnical Desktop environment together with the interactive CAM tools, ACAM allows users to produce NC part files at a much faster and error free process. In addition to the many CAD and CAM features found in ACAM, there are added features that can only be found on systems costing thousands more.

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