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Founded in 1995, Moldsoft System grew into a widely-acclaimed one-stop service provider for high-speed machining and manufacturing needs specialized in providing High Speed Machining, with ranges from 15, 000 to 42, 000 revolutions per minute (rpm) spindle speed machining center with the capability for the rapid machining of both soft alloys and hardened steels.

Moldsoft are innovators in the use of high-speed CNC milling and have translated this technical asset into accelerated turn-around time and competitive pricing. Due to this,

Moldsoft is able to carry out assignments of greater complexity with the same measure of stringent quality control within a shorter period of time.

Combined with the use of the latest CAD/CAM softwares, machinery capabilities and a team of highly skilled workers ensure Moldsoft a position as leader in the competitive industry of precision engineering and manufacturing needs.

To further improve the efficiency and productivity of our workforce and the increasing demands from customers for faster throughput, Moldsoft System Pte Ltd recently faced the this challenge head on and has confirmed to progress through a combination of staff development and investment in new technology with the purchase of a 27, 000 rpm and 42, 000 rpm spindle, High Speed Machining Centre capable of machining hardened steel of up to 62 HRC (Hardness Rockwell).